Support for Using Watchtower Library on a Mac

Installing Watchtower Library on a Mac

You have two options to install the official Watchtower Library CD-ROM on your Mac if you don't want to use a virtual machine, like Parallels or CrossOver.

WtLibrary 1.11.1 (by Stefano Penta)
Watchtower Library for Mac (by Roy Ratcliffe)

I highly recommend using Stefano's app as his is much more stable.

A Stand-Alone WOL App

You can download my WOL app as an alternative to WL4M if you cannot get Watchtower Library for Mac to run. (requires 10.7 or later)

Copy and Paste

Some times the copy and paste feature does not work in Watchtower Library for Mac when you want to copy something from Watchtower Library.

To get it to work write a dummy text, mark it in TextEdit or Word, then copy and paste it in either TextEdit or Word. After you have done this you can copy and paste from Watchtower Library.

Deleting Individual Libraries

1. Go to Finder
2. Click the menu item Go and hold down the Alt button
3. Now click on the menu item Library that has now become visible
4. Navigate to this path: Application Support/Watchtower Library for Mac/

You will now see one or more files containing strange names, but they are just names generated by WL4M. But you can't see which file represents which library, so you have to drag a file onto the Desktop and see which library was removed from the book shelf in WL4M.

If you don't have a cd drive in your Mac or PC you can download a DMG or ISO file of the CD-ROM for installing.

Available versions: 2013-2016 English; 2014-2016 Danish.


Download the Watchtower Library CD-ROM

Select version below:

You need a software tool to open the ISO file in Windows. You can use Virtual CloneDrive for this. Download it here.