Witness Quiz


Witness Quiz has been removed from the App Store due to lack of resources to maintain and update it.

About the Game

How do I begin using the app?

When the app is installed for the first time it will download the question package. Then tap New Game and the game will automatically choose between 5 categories (Jesus, Bible, Geography, History, Scriptures).


The questions are divided into 3 levels of difficulty that are shuffled for each question.


How to update the question package

From time to time the questions are updated or new ones added. All you have to do to get the latest package is go to Options and tap Update questions.



Tap the question during the game to get a scriptural or literature reference that backs up the answer.


What is the purpose of the game?

To make it fun while learning about spiritual matters and to encourage research.


Showing the correct answers

From version 2.2 the feature to turn on and off to see the right answer was added. However, the purpose of the game remains the same: encourage research in the Bible. If you would like to see the right answers go to Settings and turn it on.


Will more questions be added in the future?

Yes. Presently there are over 1,200 questions in English and over 1,200 in Danish. If you have some questions you would like to be included in the quiz, feel free to send them to me or use the question factory in the app.


In which languages is the quiz available?

Danish, English, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.If you like to help translate the quiz into your language just send me an e-mail.

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