God's Friend


God's Friend has been removed from the App Store due to lack of resources to maintain and update it.

About the Game

Download and watch the animation videos and songs from jw.org offline any time, any where. Once you have downloaded all videos and songs you can also play them in sequential order by tapping the icon in the upper left corner.


Downloading Movies in 480p resolution

Before you download movies in a lesser quality, you should delete the old ones to save space. See the Delete Movies section.
Go to Settings and switch on Download in 480p format. Switch it off to download movies in the highest quality (720p). By downloading movies in a lesser quality, 480p which still retains an acceptable quality, you can in fact save up to 40% disk space on your device compared to downloading movies in 720p.


Delete Movies

Make sure you have switched on Delete movies in Settings. Tap the trash can in the upper right corner, tap on the movies you want to delete, and finally tap on the trash can in the upper left corner to delete the seleced movies. You will be asked to confirm your choice.
You can also swipe from right to left on any movie to delete a single movie.


Downloading the Data Files

With version 3.0.1 you can to go to Settings in the app and tap Check for new movies to download the data files.


Thumbnails Are Gone! Help!

If the thumbnails are gone you can either 1) update the data files by going to the Settings tab and tap Check for new movies or 2) reinstall the app and download the videos again, if the first option doesn't work.


No Data Files Are Downloaded. The App Is Empty!

The first time the app is installed and launched it will download the data files automatically. If that does not happen, just tap Check for new movies in Settings. That will manually download the data files.


A Note on the Data Files

The data files contain the information of the videos, their titles and URLs. Whenever a new video is released or one is added to your language I update the data files and all you have to do is tap Check for new movies in Settings. Then you will be able to download the latest videos to your device.


A Note on the Legal Issue

Some may wonder if God's Friend violates the latest Terms of Use on jw.org. Regarding this I can inform you that it does not and I have received permission from the legal department to keep God's Friend on the App Store. The app is an empty shell that contains no copyright movies or artwork See the disclaimer in the app: Settings -> Info button). Thumbnails have been manually generated since it is not allowed to download images anymore from jw.org. In fact, according to the new terms of iOS 9 apps are no longer allowed to download content from thirdparty entites, like jw.org, without their express permission.


The app does not in any way post content from jw.org on the Internet or on any website, file-sharing site, or social network. It does not misuse jw.org by downloading videos, just as any web browser doesn't misuse jw.org by downloading videos or artwork to your personal computer. There is neither any systematic or automated data collection of any kind performed by the app. It contains no code of any kind that uses the technique of web scraping, data mining, data harvesting, or data extraction. It is free of charge and therefore no profit is made from it and never will. It merely contains static links for downloading the videos, which cannot be considered data collection like the ones listed above.

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